What to Expect

What to Expect

Greetings Visitors,

We thank you and look forward to seeing you at our service.
I would love to give you an introduction to what our services are like.

In simple description our Sunday morning service begins with Sunday School/Christian Education starting at 10:00 am and usually ending around 10:35 am for a 15-minute break and morning snack time.

We begin our afternoon service at 10:55 am with general prayer until 11:00 am.
Our afternoon 11:00 am Sunday Morning Worship Experience begins with some congregational singing (modern and old-time gospel) songs and hymns for about 10 minutes.

We then switch to Scripture reading and afterward “Praise & Worship” service.
After the exciting “Hand Clapping, Singing and Foot Stumping” the service changes to Announcements.

After the announcements our Sunday School teacher of that morning comes and invites everyone to our Sunday School ministry.

After Sunday School ministry is the best time of the service when everyone can participate in our Giving part of the service.

After the Giving part of the service there usually time for more Singing by groups; Praise team members; or the beginning of special events or service for about 15 minutes.

Usually around 12:05 pm our speaker for the afternoon comes forth to bring the “Bread of Life” that usually lasts about 35 minutes.

Depending on the day of the month the ending usually is with Benediction and end of service. On some days the service may go into special prayer; on the first Sunday of the month is our Communion service.

You can also view how our services are by going to our YouTube channel and viewing our recorded services.

We will be posting the Sunday Service types during the month on different pages.

Our worship style pending…

Our typical attire pending…


We do not have a dedicated childcare area or room; however, we have a Kitchen and front lobby area to bring the child if the service is too much at times.